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Closed fractured fracture of the lower third of the tibia with lateral and posterior offset

Born in 1956, Ros and developed normally. Material conditions are satisfactory. Personal hygiene is observed. Meals are regular, in sufficient quantity. Of the diseases transmitted, frequent acute respiratory diseases are noted. Botkin's disease, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, venereal diseases, mental illness denies. Allergoanamnesis is not burdened, hemotransfusions were not. Harmful habits;Read More

History of the disease. Closed fracture VI, VII, VIII edges to the right with lung damage.

18. 02. 05 in the morning, according to the patient, he smoked on the staircase, his head was spun, fell. Immediately felt the pain in the right half of the chest, and after a few minutes, shortness of breath joined. In the aftermath of 2 days, the complaints remained the same, with a subfebrile temperature. I took analgin. For help turned 20. 02. 05 to the SCMP, from where it was sent to the BSMP for admission to extraordinary indications.Read More

History of the disease by pulmonology Diagnosis: right-sided lower limb pleuropneumonia

She considers herself ill since February 1999. The illness began acutely, when for the first time there was pronounced weakness, cough, hyperthermia 39-390 C, sweating, pain in the chest on the right. He was treated by his own penicillin, after which the condition worsened. For "ambulance" was sent to 1 GKB, stayed in the hospital for the treatment department for 3 days, was discharged due to the lack of a policy. Then he turned to Avtdorr Polyclinic where Rg of the thoracic cavity was performed and right-sided pneumonia was detected. In the future, in spite of the deterioration of the state, medical institutions did not apply because of the absence of an insurance policy. After obtaining the policy, he turned to the TCDP Polyclinic, where the direction for hospitalization was issued to the hospital's therapeutic section of the railway hospital on April 14, 1999 in the planned order.Read More

History of the disease by pulmonology. Diagnosis: Idiopathic fibrosing alveolitis

Complaints for prolonged coughing, intensifying with physical activity, with the separation of a small amount of yellow sputum; on shortness of breath with insignificant physical activity (lifting for 1 flight of stairs) physical load; on periodic piercing pains in the region of the upper end of the heart with irradiation under the shoulder blade under load; on pulling pains at the bottom of the abdomen, not related to the body position and the load; on pasty scurvy (in the evenings).Read More